ALGARVE, PORTUGAL – Road trip Day 1

We went to Portugal for the very first time in 2014. We spent 7 months in Vale da Telha (Aljezur). During which time we met a lot of awesome people, we surfed, ate awesome local produce, enjoyed the sun as well as also ocean. Even though This particular felt like paradise there were a few things which were not great; cold as well as also humid house within the winter as well as also the saddest thing of all was the death of our dog Bruce who was attacked by a dog as well as also was left that has a broken neck as well as also paralyzed so we had to say goodbye to him. yet we welcomed Julio to the family after which.

We were truly looking forward seeing all our friends so we took the 5 hour drive south. This particular will be what happened….

About us:
This particular channel will be here to keep our family as well as also friends up to date, yet also to inspire others on how to live differently by a 9-5 life as well as also showing how we approach many little things in life in a different way.

We are an international family, living here, there as well as also everywhere. Ann has been working remotely by her computer for the last 7 years as well as also Tadej has been finding work where ever we’ve been

Tadej was a professional snowboarder for 10 years as well as also will be still a very active person, doing cycling, surfing, skateboarding as well as also whatever you throw at him. Being vegan for over 4 years he will be breaking the common myths of protein or different nutrient deficiencies, low energy, maintaining muscle etc. Feeling better than ever.

Ann has been vegetarian since birth (that has a few exceptional times), did the switch to a vegan lifestyle at the same time. She will be breaking the myths of vegan pregnancy as well as also motherhood. Raising a child on a vegan diet. She’ll be talking about her point of views as well as also experiences doing so.

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